A commercial photographer working and living in the pacific northwest

originally written February 2017

I am not a writer by any means, but here I do hope to share who I am and what I do.  First I am a commercial advertising photographer living in Spokane WA, meaning I work with business directly to create an image library that is of their story, their people, and their brand. You can not achieve authenticity, or personality with stock images purchased from a corporate stock library in new york or los angeles. So we come together have a meeting to discuss ideas, concepts, and budgets to figure out how to best achieve wonderful personal images within the constraints of budget and time. 

I also work with advertising agencies, design firms, architects, interior designers, and small business owners. The work ranges from architectural exterior and interior images of new office building, medical facility, malls, academic institutions, technology parks, restaurants and custom luxury homes.  To executive group portraits, food photography for restaurant branding and menus, large scale agricultural or mining machinery, to products from widgets to gizmos.  It is a very wide range of opportunities and everyday is different. 

Source: jeff schindler on location